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Bethesda and Washington, DC Family Law Attorney for Divorce, Property Division, Custody, Pre-nups, Support, and Other Services

Family law issues are complex. Individuals grappling with such issues need creative problem-solving — not cookie cutter services. We strive to provide creative, individualized problem-solving around the objectives of our clients.

Retaining Control of a Divorce through Collaborative and Other Processes

In the context of a divorce, trial is rarely the best approach. Trial can be costly, it can raise the level of acrimony between spouses, and it can adversely impact the emotions of children.

Additionally, a trial takes the outcome out of the hands of the parties, and puts it into the hands of a judge. Judges do not have the same freedom for decision-making as litigants have, since the remedies they can provide are limited by law. They will never be as familiar with the issues as are the litigants, nor will they ever have the same vested interest in the outcome as the litigants, who will have to live with the judge's decision for years. 

We help clients retain control, as much as possible, over processes and outcomes. We assist clients in understanding the big picture. Based on the belief that litigation should not be the assumed process for solving family law issues, we explore with our clients alternative processes. These include mediation, collaborative law, negotiation, and arbitration. Together, we and our clients define possible fair and equitable solutions — solutions that will provide a stable and secure future, and that will take into account the needs of any children involved. We then work to achieve those solutions in an effective manner.

Divorce and Family Law Services

We help individuals with:

  • prenuptial agreements
  • divorce proceedings, including those involving the valuation, division and allocation of professional practices, businesses, collectibles, deferred compensation plans, retirement assets, and other property
  • marital settlement agreements
  • establishment and modification of child support
  • establishment and modification of alimony and spousal support
  • enforcement and modification of agreements and court judgments
  • custody
  • domestic partnership break ups, other family law matters

Experience and Clientele

Ms. Dornbrand has practiced family law for over thirty years. Ms. Dornbrand’s clients have largely consisted of other lawyers, including lawyers in multi-national law firms; employees of public international organizations, such as the World Bank and IMF; physicians and other health care professionals; business owners; leaders of charitable or educational entities; corporate executives; homemakers and government employees.

We look forward to assisting you.